Sky have an admirable record for first-class customer service but that doesn’t mean their products are completely without problems. While most Sky products are thoughtfully researched, developed and deployed we’re still talking high technology and there will always be things that will go wrong and require a fix. Take Sky broadband for instance. You’d think supplying broadband service would be a pretty straightforward enterprise. Unfortunately, there are still many things that can go wrong and cause your broadband service to become inconsistent or even stop altogether. In this post we’ll look at potential causes of this problem as well as potential solutions.

Diagnosing and Fixing a Slow or Lost Broadband Connection


While the experience of trying to get things done while your broadband signal is slowing to a crawl or simply dropping out entirely can be frustrating, clearing up the problem may not be as difficult as you imagine. Next time you’re having trouble with your Sky broadband service take the following steps.


  • Check the Phone Line – Simply lift the receiver and listen for a dial tone. If you hear one your connection is fine but you may have a hardware problem. If you don’t hear a dial tone but instead hear an annoying hiss or crackling sound the following steps may be of help.


  • Check the Micro Filter – The micro filter is a small white-ish, box-like device that acts as an intermediary between the line that comes into your home and the router and other devices. If it isn’t working properly you’re going to have problems with any device downstream from it. To check the microfilter:


    • Unplug all devices that are using the phone line, including the microfilter.
    • Unplug everything from the microfilter as well.
    • Plug the microfilter back into the wall connection.
    • Plug only the router back into the microfilter.
    • Reboot the router by turning the power off and on.
    • Check to see if the problem is resolved.


If it is then one of the other devices (phone, fax machine, TV set top box) was causing the problem. Plug them back into the microfilter one at a time and check the broadband connection after plugging in each device. The broadband problem should reappear after plugging in the problematic device. If checking the microfilter doesn’t reveal the problem continue to the next step.


  • Check for Power on the Sky box – If the power light on the Sky box is showing “on” but the Internet light is amber, you might need to reset the device as follows.


    • Depress and hold the reset button on the back of the device until you see the power light flash on and off before settling down and remaining on.
    • Both power and Internet lights should now be blue “on”.
    • If they are, open your web browser, clear the cache then try opening a web page.
    • If it works, you’re all set. If it doesn’t, and both power and Internet lights are indeed blue “on”, you may want to look at a few other possible causes.

Additional Troubleshooting Steps


If you’ve been through all the above steps and your broadband connection still seems sluggish or spotty, it may be due to things other than the Sky hardware. Such as:


  • Too Many Apps Running – If you have many web pages open at once and some are playing video, others are playing animated gifs and still others are refreshing themselves every 30 seconds or so, it may cause your broadband to feel like it’s not working properly. Close down everything you don’t need and see what happens.


  • Malware or Viruses – Fire up your antivirus program and run a full system scan looking for adware, malware, viruses and anything else that may have hijacked your computer and your broadband connection as well.


  • Automatic Updates – If you have a bunch of apps on your computer and they’re all set to update automatically this can occasionally cause a broadband bottleneck, especially when talking about complex video games. Most programs are just fine if you set them to notify you when updates are ready and then let you decide the best time to do it.


Sky broadband is typically some of the most dependable on the market. In spite of that fact you may still have problems maintaining a consistent broadband signal. The next time you experience a disruption in your broadband service try the above tips before you give in and call for technical support. It may be something as simple as the router being poorly connected to the microfilter.


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