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Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Sky Broadband But Were Afraid to Ask

Sky are the 2nd largest largest broadband network in the UK and is currently available to some 90% of the UK population. Those 10% or so who live outside the Sky network can still receive Sky Broadband services although they’ll be slower and  more expensive than for those living within the network boundaries. Sky’s fibre optic service – Sky Fibre Unlimited – piggy-backs on BT’s fibre optic network and so is available anywhere the competitor’s service is available. At the moment that means mostly urban areas.

In a Nutshell: The Pros and Cons of Choosing Sky Broadband


  • A high degree of overall customer
  • True, unlimited broadband with many of their premium packages.
  • Hi-speed fibre optic connectivity of up to 76Mb available in certain areas.
  • An excellent variety of TV packages including a full slate of on demand programming.
  • A new premium service called Sky Q that is rolling out over the course of 2016 and promises to be a game changer.


  • Customers outside the network will pay more and may experience slower service.
  • A useful Sky broadband telephone number can be hard to find.
  • Standalone broadband is not available.
  • Must commit to at least 12 months.

The Details

Now that we’ve got the generalities out of the way let’s take a closer look at some of the benefits of Sky Broadband.

  • Reliability and Customer Service – A broadband package is only as good as the customer service that backs it up and Sky has been regularly rated as having some of the best customer support in the industry. That is, if you need them. Because Sky is also noteworthy for having one of the lowest customer complaint levels in the business according to Ofcom.
  • Unlimited Broadband – Most broadband providers limit how much data you can transfer within a single month. Sky are one of the few that offer plans with true unlimited broadband. If you have a gamer in your home or love to stream movies or TV shows from Netflix and the like you’ll want to give serious consideration to one of their ‘truly unlimited’ packages.
  • Outstanding Satellite TV Service – From multiple dedicated sports channels to outstanding movie and premium TV offerings like Sky Movies and HBO original programming Sky’s satellite TV service is second to none. Whether you want to watch the latest instalment of “Game of Thrones”, the Champions League final or any one of nearly 2,000 kid’s shows Sky has you covered
  • Comprehensive Service Packages – Bundle all of your entertainment and communication needs into one package with Sky. Eliminate a rash of monthly bills and save money in the process by bringing all your digital needs together under one roof on one monthly bill from Sky. From broadband Internet to Premium television options to telephone packages and free Wi-Fi you can’t beat Sky.
  • Sky Q – Sky Q began rolling out at the end of 2015 and won’t be fully deployed until the end of 2016 by Sky’s own estimate. Sky Q is for now a separate premium service but over time it may supplant some or even all of Sky’s current line-up of broadband/TV packages. Sky Q will include new hardware designed to do everything from extending your TV/broadband experience into other rooms to acting as a Wi-Fi hotspot right in your home.

On Demand TV from Sky

When you select a package that includes Sky TV the world of on demand content opens up to you including:

  • Box Sets of Your Favourite Shows – Watch episodes of your favourite TV shows back to back or try out shows you’ve heard a lot about but haven’t had the opportunity to watch.
  • Sky Catch Up in HD Service – Sky offers one of the most comprehensive catch up services available anywhere. Never miss out on your favourite program again because you got caught in traffic.
  • The Sky Store – From contemporary action blockbusters to timeless classics browse through more than 1,000 movies at the Sky Store and then settle in for an evening of first class entertainment.
  • Sky Movies – If you chose a package that includes Sky Movies you’ll be able to access more than 800 movies online.
  • Sky Showcase – The best of the past week’s TV.

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A Quick Overview of Available Packages: Broadband Minus TV

Sky Broadband Unlimited

  • Download speed up to 17Mb
  • Unlimited usage
  • 12 month minimum contract

Sky Fibre Broadband

  • Download speed up to 38Mb
  • 25GB monthly limit
  • Phone calls extra

Sky Fibre Broadband + Evening & Weekend Calls

  • Download speed up to 38Mb via fibre
  • 25GB monthly limit
  • Evening and weekend calls free

Sky Broadband Unlimited + International Calls

  • Download speed up to 17Mb
  • Unlimited monthly usage
  • Free calls to 50 countries

Sky Fibre Broadband Unlimited + Anytime Calls

  • Download speed up to 38Mb via fibre
  • Unlimited monthly usage
  • Calls any UK mobile or landline free

Contact Sky Broadband customer service for additional packages and further details and pricing information. Also, make sure you check availability in your area.

Available Packages: Broadband with TV

Sky HD Family + Unlimited Broadband + Pay As You Talk

  • 55 HD and more than 75 entertainment channels
  • More than 240 free-to-air channels
  • Up to 17Mb unlimited broadband

Sky TV Original + Unlimited Broadband + Pay As You Talk

  • 10 HD and more than 35 entertainment channels
  • More than 240 free-to-air channels
  • Download speed up to 17Mb

Sky TV Variety Bundle + Unlimited Broadband + Pay As You Talk

  • 10 HD and more than 75 entertainment channels
  • More than 240 free-to-air channels
  • Up to 17Mb unlimited broadband

Sky TV Variety + Unlimited Fibre Broadband + Pay As You Talk

  • 10 HD channels plus more than 75 entertainment channels
  • More than 240 free-to-air channels
  • Nearly 2,000 kid’s shows
  • Unlimited fibre broadband up to 38Mb

Sky TV Variety + Sky Sports + Unlimited Broadband + Calls

  • 7 sports channels, 10 HD channels
  • More than 75 entertainment channels
  • More than 240 free-to-air channels
  • Unlimited broadband up to 17Mb download speed

Note: Sky Talk comes bundled with all Sky packages so you’ll be required to pay a line rental regardless of whether you’re signing up for a broadband and TV or broadband without TV package. Also, while some competitors may offer faster speeds with some of their packages many Sky packages offer truly unlimited broadband which others don’t. Keep in mind as we said earlier too that there are no short term contracts with Sky. Every contract is a minimum of 12 months. Contact Sky Internet for more details.

More About Sky Q

Sky is touting Sky Q as the future of consumer digital products and there is no doubt that Q represents a huge leap forward. Sky Q is not simply a tweak or upgrade of an earlier product line, it’s an entirely new system conceived from scratch and fashioned out of whole technological cloth that’s intended to act as a digital fulcrum for all your media devices regardless of where they’re located in your home.

The Sky Q box currently provides up to 2TB of storage and allows you to watch and record multiple programs simultaneously across a variety of devices both fixed and mobile. Sky has actually attempted similar services in the past but they were basically extensions of either Sky’s or other company’s devices, such as Xbox and PlayStation. This time they’ve done it right.

As the service is still in the rollout stage it’s hard to tell if the product will match the promotional materials or if you’re going to spend a lot of time talking to Sky technical help, but it certainly looks promising. Some Sky Q features include:

  • Pause a TV show on one television and pick it up on another.
  • Watch shows on multiple TVs or mobile devices using the Q box.
  • Fill in gaps in your Sky Broadband signal by using the Q box as an in-home Wi-Fi hotspot.
  • Watch as many as 5 different programmes on different TVs while recording up to 4 others.
  • Use the new TV Guide feature to select what you want to watch.
  • Access the Internet to share photos, stream music, chat with friends and more.

Q is a work in progress with Sky stating that it will ultimately provide Ultra HD compatibility, voice search and an array of other leading edge features.

Choosing the Right Package for Your Home

So which broadband package is right for you? Here are a few things to consider before you contact Sky broadband and sign on the dotted line.

  • How many users will be sharing this broadband connection?
  • Is it important to you to include the TV option?
  • Is anyone in your home an online gamer?
  • Do you regularly download or stream movies?
  • Would you benefit from the higher speeds of a fibre optic connection?

Don’t Forget to Ask Sky Internet Customer Service About Extras!

Everybody loves free stuff and we’re no different. When it comes to Sky broadband/TV packages there are plenty of extras that come free with the service that you’ll want to get to know better including:

  • Sky Go – Sky Go is a free mobile app that allows you to take your Sky broadband/TV subscription with you wherever you go. Access your services via your iPhone, iPad or Android devices but beware: streaming TV or movies through your smartphone may gobble up your mobile download allowance in a hurry.
  • Sky Wi-Fi – Go online at any Sky hotspot free of charge with Sky Wi-Fi. Sky Wi-Fi is available to any Sky broadband subscriber and lets you use any Wi-Fi capable device to access the Internet from thousands of locations nationwide. Though at the moment the service is mostly confined to urban areas.
  • Free McAfee Internet Security – If you’ve signed up for any of Sky’s unlimited broadband service packages you’ll receive a free 12 month trial of McAfee Internet Security to keep your devices safe from malware, adware, viruses and more.

Excellent Customer Service – If You Can Find a Sky Broadband Help Number

Sky broadband customer services are renowned for their friendly, knowledgeable associates and for providing timely information and solutions in response to customer complaints. If there is a downside to their helpdesk services it’s that trying to find a Sky technical support number can be a bit of a challenge, especially for first time users of their site. Stock photos of smiling sales advisors aside we just want a number, not 20 questions and a contact form. Because we’re helpful types though we scoured cyberspace for you and came up with a Sky broadband number (see below) that will get you through straight away.

Keep in mind that if you go to consumer message boards that deal with Sky customer complaints that’s what you’ll get; complaints. Not folks writing about how happy they are with the product and with Sky broadband customer care. While no one is trying to say customer complaints aren’t valid such message boards aren’t really representative of satisfaction rates among the entire customer base.

That said however there are some known issues with Sky broadband that tend to pop up on a more regular basis than others. These include:

  • Improperly installed micro filters on the router.
  • Broadband speed locked in at 5Mb.
  • Internet connections that keep dropping out.
  • Forgotten username and/or password.

Another issue that generates plenty of calls to Sky broadband technical support is the issue of how to return damaged or faulty equipment. Since every piece of Sky hardware is covered by a 12 months warranty Sky will be happy to replace any defective equipment. Call this Sky technical support number – 03442-411–653 – if you have any questions regarding the return of faulty equipment.

Get in Touch With Sky

For enquiries regarding Sky’s broadband/TV packages visit their website at or save time and call the main Sky Broadband contact number on 0800 151 2876.

Sky Broadband anticipates your digital needs and delivers services that exceed your expectations and set new industry standards for customer satisfaction. From truly unlimited broadband to nationwide Wi-Fi access to premium on demand programming to the revolutionary Sky Q, Sky answers the call for those who value convenience, variety and dependability.