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Mobile to Make Sky a “Quad-Player”

Last year, in what was a surprise to pretty much no one, Sky announced their intention to enter the mobile market. This new branch of the business would finally make them one of the true big boys of telecoms; a “quad-player”. For those of you who aren’t up on industry lingo, a quad-player is not a footballer who covers all four corners of the pitch, but a telecoms company that offers TV, home phone, broadband and mobile services, (preferably bundled together) for each of their customers.

That’s Great But Is It Legal?

If you think the idea of a large telecoms company gobbling up smaller companies and then offering all of the various services direct in one package seems a bit monopolistic, you’re not alone. But the fact is there are several other potential quad-players out there, so no one would enjoy an actual monopoly. In addition, the government has chosen to view the delivery of digital media services as a single business, regardless of how many different forms those services may take.

The bottom line is that in the not too distant future it’s likely that everyone will be getting all their digital media served to them in a bundle delivered by a single quad-player; be that Sky or BT or someone else.

How Sky is Able to Offer Mobile

If you’re a student of the telecoms business you probably know that Sky has not spent millions of pounds building and launching satellites and doing the other prep work necessary to set up their own mobile network. Instead they’re able to offer mobile services now because they signed a partnership deal with O2 which allows them access to that company’s 2G, 3G and 4G services nationwide. It’s a smart deal that allows O2 to earn money from excess capacity and also allows Sky to offer a variety of mobile services to its customers.

But Where is Sky Mobile?


A lot of people have been trying to find a phone number for Sky TV because they have one simple question about the Sky mobile service: Where the heck is it? Sky signed their deal with O2 nearly a year and a half ago promising to launch in the spring of 2016. Well, with that “deadline” almost up, we’re still only able to sign up for Sky landline services. So what is going on exactly?


  • Have they changed their minds?
  • Have they launched and you just missed it?
  • Are they just being fashionably late to the show?
  • Did Donald Trump have something to do with this?


The answer to the above questions are: no, no, no and… we’ll need to get back to you on that.


But seriously if you’ve been waiting to add a Sky mobile number to your Sky landline number you’ve noticed the company has been conspicuously quiet on the mobile front. But, as with most things in life, there’s actually a good reason for the delay and no reason to ring up the Sky TV free phone number. That reason takes the form of something called Sky Q.

Sky Q


Sky Q is the nextgen TV service Sky has been patiently rolling out this year. When fully deployed, it will represent the apex of digital integration. All of your TVs and mobile devices will be controlled through a central box that will allow you to watch multiple programs on different platforms simultaneously while recording others at the same time. Sky call it “Fluid Viewing” and here are a few details:



  • 12 tuners – Watch 4 channels and record a fifth
  • Wi-fi hotspot – Your Q box sets up a wi-fi hotspot right in your home.
  • A fresh look – Sky have gone all out to anticipate the future with their design.
  • Sidebar – The Q sidebar enables you to check out apps while watching TV.
  • Ultra HD – 4K capability is coming according to Sky.



What does Sky Q have to do with Sky’s missing mobile service? Everything as it turns out. Sky is famous for their high degree of customer service and that’s because they take the time to do things right. This is no different. Sky Q is an incredibly complicated technological leap that is still in progress, so Sky are focusing all their resources on making sure this game changing tech gets off on the right foot. When they’re confident of that, they’ll turn their focus back to launching the mobile service. If you have any questions about Q the sky TV phone number is XXXXXXXXX.   

Change Can Be Difficult

New businesses are typically the ones that receive the most customer complaints and that only makes sense. It takes time to chase the bugs from the system. It takes time to bring every employee up to speed on products and services. And it takes time for customers to get used to the new service which likely presents them with a different way of doing things than the service they had previously.

In the case of new businesses being created by mergers and acquisitions – like Sky mobile – there is typically a lot of confusion in the offices of the new, combined company that takes time to sort itself out. Throw all those things together and you get a lot of people reaching for the Sky TV phone number. There is little doubt that Sky will experience a surge in complaints, questions and issue related communications during the early days of its new mobile offerings with everyone in search of a free phone number for Sky TV, but perhaps we can take solace in the time they’re taking to actually get the product off the ground.

Contacting Sky

If you have questions regarding Sky’s soon to be launched mobile services or any of their other products and services, the sky contact number from mobile is XXX XXX XXXX. If you wish to call Sky from a landline the number is XXXXXXXXXXX.